Editing Options

To edit your syllabus, choose "Edit" from the Syllabus menu.

Editing Options

Items that have not yet been added will be listed in a green bar with a "plus" symbol.

Items that have already been added and that may be edited will have an orange box with a pencil symbol.

Items that have already been added and that may be deleted will have a red box with the "X" symbol.

Any item you do not have permission to edit (such as Institutional Policies) will not display any symbols.

Adding Information

To add a new item, click on the name of the item or the add symbol. This will open a rich content editor where you can enter general information. You can copy and paste from Word, and formatting will be retained. NOTE: You can copy content from an existing Concourse syllabus into your new syllabus.

Be sure to click Save when you are done with this item.

After you save the general information, you can click the plus sign again to add child items. In the case of contact info, you can even choose to copy from the profile you created.

Repeat these steps with any other items you want to fill in.


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