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Instructors: Setting Up Respondus Monitor for Instructors

Respondus Monitor is a webcam feature for LockDown Browser that records  students during online assessments. When this feature is enabled for a  quiz, students are required to use a webcam and microphone with LockDown Browser. After the quiz is complete, the instructor can review details of the assessment, including the recorded videos.

Setting Up Respondus Monitor for  Instructors

1. While setting up LockDown Browser for your quiz or exam, click the button next to Require Respondus Monitor for this Exam.

2. Choose your Startup Sequence Options:

  • Webcam Check: This setting is required and cannot be unchecked. This allows the student's computer to run through a check to ensure a webcam is connected and functioning.
  • Additional Instructions: If you have additional instructions that you would like your students to see prior to the exam, please enter them here.
  • Student Photo: The Student Photo setting takes a picture of the student as a reference to match previous videos and for you to match the next setting (if enabled).
  • Show ID: You may require students to show a picture ID to the camera (e.g. drivers license or college issued ID) to match photo and name to the student.
  • Environment Check: Environment Check requires students to film their surroundings, based on the requirements you set under "Edit Text". You may have students film their entire work space, behind their desk, etc. to make sure there are no text books, phones, tablets,  people or scrap paper.

3. The following options are available by expanding the section labeled Advanced Settings:

  • Check the first checkbox to allow another application to access the microphone during the exam.
  • Check the second checkbox to make the video available for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Enter your demo student username in the space provided to test the product as a student.  This is not included in the institutional seat limit, nor is it subject to a charge.

4. When you are finished, click Save and Close.

NOTE: At the conclusion of the Environment Check, the webcam continues to record the student's actions prior to the test starting. Respondus Monitor does not make students aware they are being recorded, other than a red icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, so we suggest you inform your students they continue to be recorded.

Video Tutorial: Setting Up Respondus Monitor for Instructors


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