Instructors: Respondus Monitor for Pearson MyLab

Respondus Monitor is an automated proctoring system that uses webcam and video analytics to prevent cheating during remote, online exams. The testing tools in Pearson MyLab offer seamless integration with the Respondus Monitor proctoring system.

Setting up the Integration

To use Respondus Monitor with your Pearson MyLab course: 

1. Navigate to the course settings and locate Learning Aids and Test Options, select Use automated proctoring in this course, and then Respondus Monitor Proctoring.

2. MyLab will then prompt you to Complete the Respondus Monitor Proctoring license setup, which is a one-time process (see below).

The following is the licensing options for using Respondus Monitor with a Pearson MyLab course.

Link to your institution's existing Respondus Monitor license:

3. To link to a MyLab course to your institution’s Respondus Monitor license, the instructor needs to log into the  Canvas course  and click Lockdown Browser.

4. Choose the Other Systems tab.

5. Expand the section for Pearson MyLab and copy the code shown (the code is unique for each instructor).

6. Return to the MyLab course and use Enter Code to complete the linking (see above).

Video Tutorial: Respondus Monitor for Pearson MyLab


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