Instructors: Quick Tips and FAQ

Quick Tips for Instructors

• LockDown Browser is a custom browser prevents cheating during online tests, that locks the student into their Canvas exam, and disables their ability to print, copy, visit other websites or access other applications while the exam is in progress.

• It is strongly recommended that you have a low-stakes or practice quiz that uses LockDown Browser prior to using it for a graded test. This will give students the opportunity to download the browser, work through any technical difficulties, and get comfortable with it.

• LockDown Browser settings are controlled via the dashboard in your Canvas course.

Please note:

Allow specific students to access this exam with screen readers – Students with disabilities will have a better experience with this setting enabled.

Allow students to take this exam with an iPad – Students who have downloaded the LockDown Browser app on their iPad can take quizzes on their tablet, but ONLY if this option is enabled for the quiz. Student instructions for using this option are available on the Respondus support website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I help my students understand how to download and use LockDown Browser?

A. Share the companion "Tips for Students" document in your course(s). We recommend informing your students early in your course that you will be using LockDown Browser, especially if you are using Monitor and they need a webcam. Also, remind and re-share the "Tips for Students" document with them before each assessment that requires LockDown Browser.

Q. If my students have technical difficulties, who can they contact?

A. Their first resource is the college or district helpdesk. Phone numbers are listed on the IT Help Desk. Students should not contact Canvas Support – Since LockDown Browser is a third-party integration, Canvas usually cannot help when issues arise. Please help your students plan accordingly as help desks are not available 24/7.

Q. Can I download LockDown Browser and try it to see what the student experience is like?

A. Sure! Go to the download site and install LockDown Browser on your computer (you may need IT to assist you if you are installing it on your work computer). Then open the LockDown Browser, log in, and go to the course. Go to Settings  Student View, and once you are in the student view, take the quiz.

Q. Where do I register for free training webinars?

Register for a free training webinar on LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor at the following link: (


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