What is Concourse?

Concourse is the online syllabus tool used by the Alamo Colleges to comply with Texas House Bill 2504, which requires all public institutions of higher education to post information about courses, faculty, and other information on the web. Specifically, "each institution of higher education, other than a medical and dental unit, shall make available to the public on the institution's Internet website certain undergraduate course information, and information about available work-study opportunities."

Concourse went live beginning with the Fall 2013 semester, and all online syllabi are available through this system. Instructors and students can access Concourse syllabi from the college website and the "Course Syllabus" link in the Canvas course navigation menu. Additionally, faculty can access the Concourse dashboard from the ACES Faculty and Employee tabs.

What Exactly Is Included In Every Syllabus?

Added by District, College, and Department Admins (before you start editing):

  • Course identifiers - including college; course name, number, and section; credits; term; and general course description
  • Learning outcomes (if available at the system or college level)
  • Pre-/Co-requisites
  • Institutional policies
  • College policies
  • College Priorities
  • Course description - if a detailed or more-specific description is needed
  • Course materials (if common to all sections of a course) with complete details such as textbook title, author, publisher, edition, ISBN, and purchasing options
  • Any other departmental or course-wide policies or requirements

Added by Faculty:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Meeting days/times and delivery method (face-to-face, online, etc.)
  • Course material details (if not already added), including textbook title, author, publisher, edition, ISBN, and purchasing options
  • Major course requirements, including assignments and examinations
  • Required and recommended readings
  • The subject matter of each lecture or discussion; i.e., a schedule of topics, activities, and assignments
  • Grading policy (how grades will be determined)
  • Any additional classroom policies

NOTE: Faculty with administrative rights in Concourse are technically able to edit the Outcomes section, but Outcomes should never be changed. This data is populated from Banner and must match the official Outcomes.

The syllabus must be available on the college's website no later than the seventh day after the first day of classes for the semester or part of term during which the course is offered. While minimum information is automatically made available prior to term start, faculty are strongly encouraged to fill in their additional details before this deadline.

Logging In

Log in to ACES, and choose the Employee tab.

The Concourse link is in the first box in the third column.

Click on the link to enter the Concourse site.

After you have logged in, you will see the Concourse dashboard, with your current syllabi listed under My Courses.