Editing Your Syllabus

Creating Your Profile

Before beginning to work with your syllabi, you should create your profile. To do this, choose "Profile" from the Account menu on the upper right.

Fill in your contact information and Curriculum Vitae. You can copy and paste from Word into the CV fields, and formatting will be retained. Save this information.

NOTE: Concourse syllabi can be edited directly in Canvas via the "Course Syllabus" link in the course navigation, however, you will need to access Concourse via ACES to access and edit your profile and CV.

Profile and Curriculum Vitae information will only need to be entered once.

This information will be retained from semester to semester.

Select a Syllabus to Edit

Return to your Concourse dashboard by clicking on the word Concourse (upper left).

Choose the syllabus you wish to edit by clicking on the name of the course.

When you go to your syllabus, it will be pre-populated with College Priorities, Description, Outcomes, Institutional Policies, and College Policies. It should also be populated with any department-specific or course-specific information (departmental policies, common textbook information, etc.).