Adding Additional Content

Uploading Files

You may choose to upload files to supplement the information you have entered. This could include images, schedules built in Word or Excel, or anything else that you'd like to attach. Most file formats are supported. Begin by clicking on the Files tab next to the Syllabus menu.

Browse for your file, and give it a title (the Title field is mandatory). Click upload.

Now that your file has been uploaded, you can add it to any section of your syllabus. Select "Edit" from the Syllabus menu, choose the area you'd like to add the file to, click the add (or edit) button, and attach the file.

The attached file will appear at the bottom of the section you added it to. In this example, the file was added to the Schedule section, just above the Additional Items section. Students can click on the file to open it.

For more information on uploading and attaching files, see the Concourse guides Attaching Files to Syllabus Items and Adding Images to a Syllabus.


You can import content from another Concourse syllabus into your new syllabus shell. Simply go into your new syllabus, and choose Import from the Syllabus menu.

Search for a syllabus to copy from, and click the Import button.

Select the components you want to import.

Make sure you do not select sections you have already added content to, or the existing content will be overwritten.

Click "Next", and when you get a warning message that content will overwrite existing data, click "OK". The selected fields will then be imported into your empty syllabus.

You can use the Import feature to copy information from any syllabus. It can be a similar syllabus from a fellow instructor, or one of your syllabi from a previous (or the same!) semester.