Finishing Up and Best Practices

Linking to Your Syllabus

Concourse is integrated with Canvas. Every course in Canvas has a "Course Syllabus" link in the course navigation. You don't need to embed or link to the Concourse syllabus - you can simply direct your students to this navigation item.

Students will see the public version of the syllabus, but instructors will be logged into Concourse. So when you click on the link, you can edit your syllabus right there in Canvas!

NOTE: The Course Syllabus link does not work for courses that are cross-listed in Canvas. If you have cross-listed courses, we recommend hiding the Course Syllabus navigation link and using another method to direct students to the public syllabus.

If you need the public link to your course (to add to Canvas or elsewhere), click on the "Info" link.

Under "Links", you are given a URL that you can copy and paste into your Canvas course, an email, or wherever else you might want to share it. This "Public" link will take the student to the Concourse web page for your syllabus.

 Keep in mind that there are links to Concourse on each college's website, so students and prospective students can access all course syllabi via that link as well.

Finishing Up

  • Repeat these steps for each of your syllabi
  • Remember to save your data as you input it
  • To log out of the system, click the Logout command in the Account menu