Manual JAMF Enroll for iPads

For the Alamo Colleges to continue to strengthen our security stance and protect Alamo digital resources, we are implementing a Security Remediation/Enrollment project that will ensure all systems have the following:

1) The correct naming convention

2) Latest Apple version

3) Device not older than five years.

4) Device enrolled in our Management Service (JAMF)

On your iPad, first open your browser and type the following link:

Then log in using your domain credentials (password: should be the same as your computer).

Select Institutionally Owned.

The page will open further down.  Go ahead and click Enroll.

You can leave the next option blank and continue.

Download CA Certificate

To continue enrollment, you need to install the MDM profile for your organization.  Click Continue and then click Allow to download the first profile.

Click Close when the profile has finished downloading.

Go to Settings, then click on Profile Downloaded.

Look for the Alamo Colleges District CA Certificate and click Install.  Then click Install again at the warning screen.

Next, it will ask you to install profile.  Go ahead and click Install and then Done.

Go back to your browser and click Continue.

Another Profile will be downloaded (See Download CA Certificate to repeat the same steps). Once the 2nd Profile has been installed, go back to your browser and you should see the following:

Next, a prompt will soon appear to create a Password. Click on Change Now.

Create and confirm a 6-digit Passcode.

In a few minutes, you will see multiple App Installation prompts from Please Install them all for full functionality.

Congratulations!  You have now successfully manually enrolled your Apple device to JAMF.


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