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Publish To Go: Exporting a Presentation from Mediasite

The Publish To Go functionality allows for individual to download their Mediasite presentations for exporting, offline use, or archiving purposes.

This might require elevated Mediasite permissions.  If you have any issues please contact your campus IT department.

1. At, click on the appropriate My Mediasite or Management Console link.

2. Click on the presentation title that needs to be downloading to be exported or archived.  Click on the Download option.

If the download button isn't available, continue to enabling download section.

3. Click Submit to start the packaging process.   You can click Close on the next window.

4. Click Download to download and save the file.  
NOTE: The downloaded file will be a zip file.

Click download to save the zip file

If downloading for archival purposes, delete your presentation.

Enabling Download (Publish To Go) option

1. With the presentation window open, click on the Edit tab and then the Delivery tab (in the middle).

On the Delivery tab, check the Publish To Go box.

2. Click the Save button in the upper right hand corner.

Click Save


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