What is Respondus 4.0?

Respondus is a desktop authoring tool that makes it easy to create and manage exams for Canvas. Instructors can create exams, import exams, and/or register with a publisher to utilize their test banks. After creating an exam, users can upload to Canvas for online testing.

NOTE: Respondus 4.0 is not available for Mac.

The Start Menu

1. Personality - select the learning system being used with Respondus. 

2. Open - open an existing Respondus file. 

3. Create - create a new file. 

4. Test Bank Network - locate a publisher test bank and select questions for an exam. 

5. Exam Wizard - create a new exam by copying questions from other Respondus files. 

6. Import Questions - import questions from MS Word, Rich Text, QTI and other formats. 

7. Archive Wizard - create a zip archive of a Respondus file, including all pictures and media.