VPN Guide

There are two ways to download FortiClient VPN.

1.  Go to https://vpn.alamo.edu input your credentials and hit "Login". 

(Example district\johndoe, or spc\janedoe, etc.)

2.  Go to https://www.forticlient.com/downloads.  Scroll down to FortiClient VPN and download the appropriate installer.

Forticlient VPN download

2. Click on the installer that you downloaded and follow the steps to install the VPN Client.

3. Click on the FortiClient VPN icon on the desktop (Applications Folder on macOS).

Forticlient icons

4. Check mark the box to acknowledge the agreement and then click on the I accept button.

VPN Acceptance Text

5. Click on Configure VPN.

Configure VPN

6. Configure with following information:  

Connection Name: Alamo Colleges

Remote Gateway: vpn.alamo.edu

Click on Save

VPN Connection

7. Select Alamo Colleges for the VPN Name.

Username will be in this format: domain\username
Alamo Domains = District, NLC, NVC, PAC01, SAC, SPC

Enter the same password you use to login to your workstation

Login Screen

8. You have successfully connected to Alamo Colleges VPN. (This window may automatically minimize to the system tray).

VPN Connected

9. Once you have successfully connected, you are now inside of the Alamo Colleges Network and can access Alamo Colleges resources.

10. You can now use the remote desktop application to access your office desktop.

11. When finished, click on Disconnect.


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