Loading Records Via Quick Edit

Although SharePoint 2019 is supposed to be compatible with Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Using the "Quick Edit" feature in Internet Explorer has proven to work without issue.  

Using it in Chrome, testing has shown that there are times when this feature does not work.

  • Scroll to CSI Team Resources on CSI's homepage
csi homepage
  • One way to post and distribute work is by selecting Supervisor Review
    • You will see the different workload lists
    • Select the list that you'd like to load, i.e. Prospect, App Suspense, Admit Type, etc.
  • Next, select the Quick Edit button, this is similar to the old Datasheet View.
  • Select your data from your Excel Sheet and either click on "Copy" or press CTRL+C on your keyboard
  • Select the ENTIRE row by clicking on the 'edit box' as displayed below
  • Then press CTRL+V to paste the data into the sheet
  • Once the data is pasted, click on Exit quick edit to save your changes
  • To delete items, copy the entire row(s), right-click, then select 'Delete'


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