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Logging into Alamo Share 2019

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Alamo Share is an internal environment where faculty and staff can access ACES, BANNER, important policies, procedures, and other resources and information available for Alamo district employees. All employees have access to Alamo Share.

Logging Into Alamo Share within Alamo Colleges District Network

To log into Alamo Share within the Alamo Colleges District network you will need to log into your workstation. Once you are logged into your workstation access you can login to Alamo Share.

Log into Alamo Share outside of Alamo Colleges District Network

To log into Alamo Share outside of the network you will need your domain\username and workstation password.

  1. Go to
  2. User Name will be in the format of domain\username
    • Your domain is associated with your location of work. There are 6 domains across the Alamo Colleges District. district, nlc, nvc, pac01, spc, sac
    • Your username is the first part of your email prior to the
  3. Enter the same password you use to log into your workstation
    • New employees workstations are setup by their campus IT Department. Passwords are created at time of setup

Example of domain\username:

Joe is a Northeast Lakeview advisor with the email [email protected]. 

NLC\jdoel would be Joe's domain\username

Log in Troubleshooting FAQ

What if I do not remember my workstation password?

Passwords can be reset by calling your campus IT help desk.


How can I login if I do not have a physical workstation or Alamo Colleges issued laptop?

If you do not have a physical workstation, you can reset your password by calling your campus IT help desk. Once your password has been reset you will need to log into a network computer located at any Alamo Colleges District Campus or Off-Campus location. Once you log into a network computer you should be able to access Alamo Share in and outside of the network.


I reset my password but still cannot log into Alamo Share.

If you have reset your password, you will need to first log into a network computer. This allows Alamo Share to recognize you as an employee.


I was able to log into Alamo Share before, but now I am receiving an access denied error.

If your computer prompted you to reset your password while you were logged in, the new password has not updated in the system.  To update, log out of your computer and then log back in.


I am still getting an "Access Denied" error after resetting my password and logging in and out of a network computer.

If you continue to receive an error message while trying to log into Alamo Share, please contact your local help desk or Alamo Share Power User for assistance.



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