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FootPrints Manager Workflow for New Hires

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Once a new employee is approved by Talent, Organization & Strategic Innovation to start work, a workflow within FootPrints will be initiated.  This workflow will create any subsequent tickets based on the selections provided by the hiring manager for the new employee's onboarding. 

Manager Input

The Hiring Manager will receive an email with a link to the New Hire Form [A].

Sample email with link to click here to view New Hire Form in Browser pointed out

The link will take the hiring manager to the appropriate workflow within FootPrints.  
Once in FootPrints, click on Edit [A] to start the New Hire form. 

Sample FootPrints New Hire Form with Edit button being emphasized.

Scroll down to the Manager Input section.

Working from top to bottom.  Make any needed changes to the physical campus and office location for the new hire [A].  

Check any required access for the new hire while notating any specifics on the right.  Some examples are shown at [B] and [C].

Editting Sample New Hire form with comments on Office Location and other options such as Email Distribution Name and Shared Drive Access.

Once the form is ready for submission, change the drop-down to Yes [A] and click Submit [B]. 

When ready change ready for submission and click Submit

Once the form has been submitted successfully, you will be taken back to your FootPrints home page. 

Done Operation completed successfully green message on Footprints home page

If any changes need to be made to the tickets created from the New Hire workflow, please contact your campus IT Help Desk.

Support and Assistance

For additional support and assistance with FootPrints, contact your campus IT Help Desk.


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