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BioSig-ID is configured as an external tool, or third-party integration, that allows an instructor or course designer to add the tool with a just few simple steps.  This tool is used to authenticate users and minimize academic dishonesty in online courses.

In order to effectively use BioSig-ID with Canvas courses and ensure ease of use for students, the following "checks" are recommended for BioSig-ID setup in each course you plan to use the tool:

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Assignment settings to double-check:

  1. Remember to keep the grading type (or the "Display grade as" field) set to Points or Complete/Incomplete
    • Choosing Points as your grading type will only work if you make the assignment worth 1 or more points.  
    • Choosing Not Graded will break the connection to the BioSig-ID tool. 
    • Other grading types (Percentage, Letter Grade, or GPA Scale) are not recommended and have the potential to return errors.

Selecting the "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade" box will allow you to see in the Canvas Gradebook which students successfully validated their ID without counting the points for ID validations towards students' final grades in the course. It will also allow you to reset the tool (i.e., delete the score) for students in the event they scored a 0/incomplete.

  1. The combination of 0 point assignments in 0% Weighted Assignment Groups will cause errors, so if you use weighted groups -OR- assign a 0 points to BioSig-ID verification assignments, take one of the following actions:
    • If you set the BioSig-ID assignments to be worth 0 points, make sure the Assignment Group they reside in is weighted greater than 0%, or do not use weighting.
    • If you weight the Assignment Group for BioSig-ID assignments at 0%, make sure the assignments themselves are worth 1 or more points.
  2. You need to create/use a new assignment for each ID validation. Adding the same BioSig-ID assignment to multiple modules will cause errors.

Module settings to double-check:

  1. Ensure the BioSig-ID external tool has been set up in a Canvas assignment.
    • Adding the BioSig-ID external tool as a module item will only require students to "View" the page, allowing them to skip the ID validation.
  2. For each module where BioSig-ID is used, select the following module requirements:
    • Students must complete all of these requirements
    • Students must move through these items in sequential order
  3. Select either the submit the assignment or the score at least requirement for the BioSig-ID verification assignment and fill in the full point value for the assignment.
    • Choosing view the item will allow students to skip the ID validation.
    • Choosing mark as done will only require students to mark the assignment complete in order to advance in the module, allowing them to skip the ID validation.


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