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Accessibility for BioSig-ID

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BioSig-ID is designed to be accessible to all individuals with a wide-range of disabilities.

In order to use this ID validation tool with Canvas, students must first enroll their BioSig-ID as the primary password, followed by their Click-ID as the secondary password. The passwords they create will then be used for each BioSig-ID verification assignment they complete in courses offered by the five Alamo Colleges.

If a student is unable to use BioSig-ID due to a disability, there are three ADA-compliant settings that can be enabled for a user's BioSig-ID account:

  • ADA Motor-Skilled Impaired: This setting only requires the student to complete the Click-ID enrollment/validation as the primary password, followed by a Complex Security Question (CSQ) as the secondary password.
  • ADA Vision Impaired: This setting is for students who use screen readers and enables a Complex Security Question (CSQ) to serve as their primary password.
  • Exempt: This setting is reserved for students who cannot complete BioSig-ID using the other accessibility methods.

How to Receive a BioSig-ID Accessibility Accommodation

If a student requires accommodations for BioSig-ID, they should follow the same process for requesting accommodations in general: contacting their home college's Disability Support Services Office who in turn will provide their instructor with a letter describing the nature of the student's disability.

The instructor can then contact [email protected] on behalf of the student to request the appropriate change to the student's BioSig-ID account settings, making sure to provide the following information in their email:

  1. Student's name as it displays in Canvas
  2. Student's ACES user name, listed as their "Login ID" within the People tab of the Canvas course
  3. Course CRN or course subject/section number (e.g., GOVT-2306-154) where the BioSig-ID tool will be used

Once an ADA-compliant setting has been applied to a student's BioSig-ID account, they will continue to use the same method to validate their ID for every BioSig-ID verification assignment they complete in courses offered by the five Alamo Colleges.

For additional information about BioSig-ID, please contact [email protected] or visit the BioSig-ID Guides.


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