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Creating a BioSig Assignment and Setting Module Requirements

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In order for BioSig-ID to be successful, you will need to create a Canvas assignment using the external tool and require modules to be checking the students' ID validation in order to "unlock" an assessment.

For a 16-week or 14-week course, 3-5 BioSig-ID assignments is recommended

  • Place a BioSig-ID enrollment assignment in your Week 1/Course Orientation module to allow students to first create their BioSig-ID password (this can serve as your Smart Start attendance verification activity);
  • Place one verification assignment in front of a low-stakes assignment early in the course to give students the opportunity to practice using the tool and work out any technical issues ahead of time; and
  • Place 2-3 more verification assignments in front of higher-stakes assessments—spaced out evenly over the course of the term—to help them remember the BioSig-ID password they've created.

For courses that are 8 weeks or shorter, it is recommended the tool be used 2-3 times maximum: once for enrollment/Smart Start attendance verification, and again to unlock your major assessment(s).

Placing only one BioSig-ID assignment in your course is not recommended. Please consult the BioSig-ID Instructor Checklist for further best practices using this tool.

Creating a BioSig-ID Verification Assignment

  1. In your course, click on the Assignments link in the course navigation menu, then click on the +Assignment button.
Click on the +Assignment button
  1. Fill in the assignment information, but you will need to award at least 1 point (or more) for this assignment. Under the "Display Grade as" field, select either Points or Complete/Incomplete. Choosing any of the other grading type options will break the link to the tool or cause errors.
Assign points to the assignment
  1. In the "Submission Type" field, select External Tool from the drop down menu, then click on the Find button [spyglass icon].
Using the Submission Type menu and select "External Tool," click on the Find button
  1. The "Configure External Tool" window will display; scroll until you find BioSig-ID listed alphabetically, select it, then click the Select button at the bottom of the list.
Select BioSig in the Configure External Tool window
  1. Continue to fill out the assignment information such as the due date and availability, as needed. When you are finished, click Save or Save & Publish.
Click Save or Save & Publish

You will need to create/use a new BioSig-ID assignment for each student ID validation. Adding the same BioSig-ID assignment to multiple modules will cause errors.

Setting Module Requirements

Once you have added the BioSig-ID verification assignment and assessment to the same module, the module requirements will need to be set in order for students to complete the ID validation process prior to unlocking the assessment. The module can contain other items, but at the very least it will need one BioSig-ID verification assignment and the assessment.

It is best practice to place module items in sequential order. In the example below, the BioSig-ID Assignment 1 would come before Quiz 1.  

Add the BioSig assignment and assessment/paper to the same module
  1. In the top right corner of the module, click on the "More Options" menu [3 vertical dots icon] and select Edit from the drop down menu.
Click on the kabob menu for the module and click on Edit
  1. The "Edit Module Settings" will appear; enable the following settings under the "Requirements" header:
    • Students must complete all of these requirements
    • Students must move through requirements in sequential order
  2. Add your BioSig-ID assignment and assessment to the list of requirements. To enable your BioSig-ID assignment so it will unlock the assessment, choose the score at least option next to the BioSig-ID assignment and fill in the maximum number of points you listed for it.

    For the assessment, select the appropriate requirement option, then click the Update Module button at the bottom of the module settings window.
Enable "Students must move through requirements in sequential order" and add your BioSig Assignment and assessment/paper for the requirements.  Click on "Update Module."

Repeat these steps for each BioSig-ID verification assignment in your course.

Within the Canvas Commons, a BioSig-ID Template Course has been provided to Alamo Colleges instructors that contains a tool introduction for your students, four sample/verification assignments, and a built-out module with requirements.

If you are importing BioSig-ID assignments from a course that took place prior to Fall 2020, please see this guide about an important integration update to fix any potential errors your students may encounter when validating their ID.


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