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Syncing your Canvas Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes into the "Schedule" Component

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If you use Canvas Assignments, Discussions, Classic Quizzes, or New Quizzes, the Class Scheduler tool can automatically generate a list of each of your course's major assignments within the first Schedule component of your syllabus.

This list is presented in an accessible table format with each published assignment's title, point value, assignment type, and due date listed. A hyperlink to the Canvas assignment is also included in the assignment's name and can only be accessed by students registered in the course.

NOTE: If your course's major assessments are not in Canvas—or you wish to manually enter this information into the syllabus—please refer to the guide for adding content to the second Schedule component in Simple Syllabus.

1. How to Use the Class Scheduler in Simple Syllabus

Begin by accessing the course syllabus through ACES or Canvas. Scroll down to the first Schedule component [A] of your syllabus and click the Sync button [B] in the upper right. The sync will occur automatically.

Even if it's left blank, mark the second Schedule component "Invisible" so it does not appear on the published syllabus.

Reordering scheduled items

When Canvas items are synced into your syllabus's Schedule component for the first time, they will appear in the order they are listed in the "Course Summary" within the Canvas Syllabus. To reorder a scheduled item in the table, click anywhere in the item's row and drag it to the desired position in the list. Changes to the order will save automatically.

Editing scheduled items

If you manually edit a field tied to a Canvas item, it will lose its connection with Canvas and no longer sync. Therefore, all edits to assignment titles, due dates, and point values should be made in Canvas and re-synced into the Schedule component.

To edit an existing scheduled item, simply place your cursor in the cell and input the desired changes. Click outside of the field when you are finished so your changes will save automatically.

After edits are made to the Class Scheduler, you must Publish the syllabus again in order for students to view your updated course schedule.

Due Date

Use the calendar to select a new deadline for your event, activity, or assignment.


If the item is synced from Canvas, you can highlight or select the text to format the link.

If the item was manually added to the table, you can highlight or select the text to apply rich content formatting.

Assignment Type

By default, the Class Scheduler provides the location of the assignment within the Canvas course (i.e., the Assignments index page, Discussions index page, or Quizzes index page). It can be edited to provide a specific location or descriptor such as "Chapter 4 Homework."


The point value for the assignment, event, or activity will automatically sync from Canvas, or it can be edited for manually added items.

Ungraded Canvas assignments, discussions, practices quizzes, and surveys will display a point value of "0" when they are synced. If you wish for these items not to display in your course schedule, you can delete them from the table.

Manually adding a new scheduled item

To add a new item to the Class Scheduler table that is not listed in your Canvas assignments, discussions, or quizzes, click the Add new item button at the bottom of the component. A blank row will be added for you to input the associated information for the activity, event, or assignment.

Fields will auto-save as you enter information into them. When you are finished, you can move the item to the desired position in the list.

Apply rich content formatting to fields within the Assignment column by selecting or highlighting the text.

Deleting scheduled items

By default, ungraded Canvas assignments, discussions, quizzes, practices quizzes, and surveys will sync into the Class Scheduler table the first time you use the tool on a syllabus.

If you would prefer items such as Attendance or extra credit assignments to not be listed in the syllabus's Schedule, you can delete them from Class Scheduler table. Click the Delete button [trashcan icon] to the right of the item.

You will be prompted with a dialog box to Confirm or Cancel the delete item request.

If you accidentally delete the wrong item, you can recover the item to add it back to the list.

Recovering a deleted item

To recover a scheduled item that was previously deleted, check the box labeled Show Deleted at the bottom of the component. Click the Recover button [clock icon] next to the right of the item you wish to place back into your list of scheduled items.

Uncheck the box when you are finished to hide the deleted items again.

2. How to Re-Sync the Schedule Component

Allow 1 or 2 minutes to pass before you attempt to re-sync Canvas assignments that have been immediately edited.

If you make any changes to any of the Canvas assignment titles, due dates, or point values, instructors can re-sync Class Scheduler to reflect the latest information.

After re-syncs are made to the Class Scheduler, you must Publish the syllabus again in order for students to view your updated course schedule.

Students who "Follow" a syllabus will receive an email notification that changes have been made the syllabus.

For questions or technical support with the Class Scheduler tool, contact Simple Syllabus Support or the system's administrators at [email protected].


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