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How to enter grades in ACES

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In this guide, we'll walk you though posting midterm and final grades, verifying and editing posted grades, posting incomplete (I) and Military Incomplete (IM) grades, and what to do if an error occurs.

Post Midterm or Final Grades

1. Begin by logging into ACES at

  • Enter username and password.
  • Sign In.

2. Select Faculty > Web Services.

select faculty, web services to access grade portal

3. Choose Faculty and Advisors > Term Selection > Select a Term > Submit.

choose faculty and advisors, term, and submit

4. Choose either Midterm Grades or Final Grades.

select midterm or final grades

5. Select a CRN > Submit.

select a CRN and submit

You will now be able to enter grades for each student.

6. Enter the Midterm or Final Grades by clicking the drop-down menu by each student name under the Grade Column.

7. When finished entering grades, select Submit on each page of student grades to submit all grades.

Note: The reset button will clear all previously entered information.

choose grade from drop down menu and click submit

For Midterm Grades:  DO NOT enter the Last Attend Date or Attend Hours for midterm grades, they are not required. If they are entered, they will affect your ability to enter the appropriate date and hours for final grades of F later.

do not enter attend date or hours for midterm grades

Failing Grades

When posting a Final grade of ‘F’: Enter the last date of attendance in the Last Attend Date field, enter as (MM/DD/YYYY). If the student never attended, enter the first date of class. Attended Hours field will be left blank.

do enter attend date for final failing grades

Success! Once all grades have been submitted, you will receive a confirmation message.

changes saved successfully

Incomplete (I) Grades

The conditional grade of I may be issued to a student having a passing average on all completed coursework but for a justified reason, such as illness or death in the family or by providential hindrance, has been prevented from taking the final examination or completing other required coursework. The I becomes an F in one hundred twenty (120) calendar days from the end of the term unless the student completes the balance of the coursework with a performance grade of D or higher. Re-enrollment in the course will not resolve the I.

1. When entering final grades, Select the I grade from the drop-down menu.

2. Select Submit.

entering (I) incomplete grades in ACES

3. Review the information for the I grade and select Submit.

Note: The Extension Date is the date by which you must submit the Change of Grade form (120 days from the end of the term).

  • You cannot change this date.
  • The Incomplete Final Grade appears as an F because the I will automatically become an F if you don't change it before the Extension Date.
enter extension date in aces for (I) incomplete grades

Success! Once all grades have been submitted, you will receive a confirmation message.

grades successfully changed

Military Incomplete (IM) Grades

1. When entering final grades, select the IM grade option from the drop-down menu.

2. Select Submit.

posting (IM) incomplete military grades in aces

3. Enter the date from the CASE Form in the Extension Date field, enter as (MM/DD/YYYY)

4. Press Submit.

entering extension date for (IM) incomplete military grades in ACES

Success! Once all grades have been submitted, you will receive a confirmation message.

grades succesfully changed
Verify and Edit Posted Grades

Verifying and editing posted grades must be completed prior to the grading deadline. After the deadline passes, the grades are no longer viewable.

1. Once you have submitted grades, re-enter the Web Services portal. Go to Faculty Services > Summary Class List.

go to faculty services and class summary list to see final grades submitted

2. Select the term.

select a term to edit final grades

3. Choose a CRN.

choose a crn to edit final grades

4. The roster with the posted grades will appear. To edit a grade on a student(s), select the grade you want to change within the Summary Class List

click on the grade to change it in aces

6. This will prompt you back to the gradebook, where you have the ability to change multiple grades.

7. Update grades as needed. Press Submit when finished.

editing multiple grades in aces

Remember: Only enter Last Attend Date for entering a FINAL failing grade. DO NOT enter the Last Attend Date or Attend Hours for midterm grades or for final passing grades, they are not required.

Troubleshooting Errors

1. If a yellow error message pops up on the screen, follow the error messages listed under the Errors column.

2. Determine what the error is and correct accordingly.

3. Once corrected, press Submit.

how to fix yellow grading error in aces

Additional Resources and Support

For more information about grading and student forms visit Faculty Services. Need tech support? Contact your local IT help desk.


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