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How to view student holds in ACES

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Holds may prevent students from being able to receive financial aid, register for classes, or slow down other important steps in the enrollment process.

In this guide, you will learn how to view holds and take the necessary steps to remove them.

To view holds on your account, login to ACES.

aces login page with credentials

On the home page, select Web Services.

instruction highlighting to click on web services in ACES home page

Click Student Tab > Student Records.

instructions highlighting with blue rectangles to click on student tab and view student records

Select View Holds.

instructions highlighting with blue rectangles to click view holds

Any holds will appear on this page. Follow the instructions on your hold.

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Assistance with your holds

If you need help understanding the hold and why it was placed on your account please contact your specific college. Visit Alamo Colleges District Holds for phone numbers and more information on student holds.


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