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How to Access Brainfuse

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Brainfuse is an online tutoring center that is accessible to all Alamo Colleges District students.  This service provides students the option of receiving online tutoring in several different subjects and is only available within a Canvas course.  The steps below will show how to access Brainfuse.

1.  Log in to ACES.

ACES login page

2.  Once logged in, click on the “My Courses” tab.

My Courses tab

3.  From the course list, click on the house icon for the course being delivered in Canvas.

4.  Once the course opens, locate the "Brainfuse Online Tutoring" link in the course navigation menu and click on it.

Canvas course navigation menu

5.  If the "Brainfuse Online Tutoring" link is not available within the navigation menu, your instructor may have inserted it within a module.  Click on "Modules" on the navigation menu.

6.  Locate the "Brainfuse Online Tutoring" link within a module and click on it.

Brainfuse link in Modules

7.  When clicking on the Brainfuse link, a page will appear to give students more information.  Once the information is read, click on the "Launch Brainfuse" button.

Welcome to Brainfuse

8.  Another window will open and take the student to the Brainfuse Home page.  The student may now select any of the tutoring services that are available.

Brainfuse Home Page


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