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Brainfuse: Using Meet

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Brainfuse is an all-in-one suite of tutoring services to empower students with academic tutoring.   This guide will assist you in using the Meet option located under the Collaboration Tools menu, which allows you to set up meetings between you and others.  Before reading this guide, please review How to Access Brainfuse.

1. To connect with a group, click on "Collaboration Tools".  

Brainfuse HelpNow Menu Bar

2. Once the menu options expand, click "MEET".

Collaboration Tools Menu Options

3. To set up a meeting, enter the email address(s) of your participants.  

Meeting Page

4. Enter the start and end day/time for your group meeting.

Start/End Date

5. Enter a message for your participants and click "Send".

Filled in Meeting Form

6. Click "Add Session" to send the meeting to your calendar.

Add Session to Calendar
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