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How to Connect to AlamoNet Wi-Fi

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1. To connect to Alamo Wi-Fi on your mobile device:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Locate ALAMONet.
  • Enter your domain credentials to connect. Depending on where in the Alamo Colleges you are working, your domain should be one of the following: District, NLC, NVC, PAC01, SAC, or SPC

For example, if you are a district employee, your username is:


Note: make sure you type the backslash. (\)

Your password is:

The password to your computer workstation.

Note: Alamo will never store or share your data, and your email will only be used to log you into the network.

Additional Support

Trouble accessing ALAMONet? Contact the IT help desk.


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