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Using the Scheduling Grid

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Calendars Tab

The Scheduling Grid is accessible from the Calendars menu.

Calendar Tab

Using Filters in the Scheduling Grid

Using the Filters in the Scheduling Grid simplifies and speeds up the results.

Clicking on the Magnifying Glass Icon will bring up the Filters Sidebar.

Scheduling Grid

Scheduling Grid Tips

  1. Ensure you select "Include Events" and/or "Include Academics" if you are looking for all types of meetings in a certain room.
  2. If you use the Scheduling Grid frequently to search for the same Filter Settings, you can save them as a "custom" or "default" filter by clicking on the Save Icon (more information found in the Saving Filters guide).
  3. Always click the "Search" button after modifying filters to refresh the results.

Campus Calendar Filters

You can also use the Campus Calendar drop down as a way to filter by site.

The Campus Calendars drop down menu is just a quicker way of selecting the Campus and/or Rooms.

Campus Calendar

Quick Events

A quick, on-the-go way to schedule a meeting on the scheduling grid can be initiated by clicking on the applicable cell related to the room and time.

Quick Event

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