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Associating Existing People with Customers in Astra Schedule

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A customer is a department, organization, or other entity used in event scheduling to which one or more individual contacts are associated. Both the customer and contact records are used during event scheduling. Because people may be contacts for customers that are used for event scheduling, the customer list is maintained in the People section of the application as well. 

Adding existing people to a customer record

  1. From the Settings, click on Customers.
click on settings, customers
  1. Click on the Customer record that you want to edit.

Customers use the naming convention of [CAMPUS] [Name].  
Some examples are DIST CSI, NLC Information Technology, PAC Chi Alpha Epsilon.

  1.  To add people to the Customer record, click Add Existing Customer Contact in the Customer Contact Information panel.
Click on Add Existing Customer Contact button
  1. Find the person from drop down listing and click Ok.
From the drop down associate an existing contact
  1. Click Save or Save and Close to save the Customer record.

To remove any customer contact, please contact the Astra Schedule team.


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