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Here are a few of the tips that faculty have shared. Hopefully they'll make your Concourse experience even better!

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Profile Don't forget to fill in your profile information and to import that profile information into the Contact Entry field. This is critical information!

If you have your course calendar already built in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, using the schedule builder can seem tedious.

Quick solution: Upload your schedule as a file, and attach to the schedule section.

  • Go to Files (next to the Syllabus tab) and upload your schedule file.
  • Go to Syllabus > Edit
  • Click on Add schedule, and you will see an option to attach a file.
  • Browse for the file. Attach.


Whether you're pasting from another document, or typing in the editor boxes, Concourse sometimes changes formatting. Don't drive yourself crazy making it beautiful, but do try to clean up extra spaces, use consistent fonts, etc.


Most text that is pasted from Word, Excel, etc. will automatically adjust to the default font size. If your pasted text is not matching the rest of your syllabus, try pasting it into Word first, then copying and pasting into Concourse (or if you're code savvy, switch to the HTML view and remove any font size/style tags).

More About Files

The same way you uploaded your schedule as a file, you can upload other files to supplement your syllabus. You can add textbook images, a video introduction, or whatever else you want. Follow these instructions for uploading and attaching files: https://support.campusconcourse.com/hc/en-us/articles/202064758-Attaching-Files-to-Syllabus-Items


IMPORTANT: These files will be visible in the public view of the syllabus, whether or not you attach the file to a particular section. So don't use this as a place to store any sensitive or private information.

More About Images To embed an image in a section of your syllabus (so that it displays automatically, without the student having to click on an attachment), follow these instructions: http://support.campusconcourse.com/entries/21639706-Can-I-put-an-image-in-my-syllabus-


Q. What information will already be in my syllabus, before I start to edit it?

A. The course identifying information such as college, course name, number, section, term, and CRN are automatically loaded. Student Learning Outcomes that have been added in Banner will also be loaded. Institutional and College policies will be there, as well as College Priorities.


Q. What information do I need to add?

A. You will need to create your profile and CV in the Profile area of Concourse. You will need to edit your syllabi to include your contact information, day/time of meetings, course schedule, grading policies, and any other information that is specific to your section of the course.


Q. If a change is made to a course (such as a different instructor being assigned) after the section syllabus is created, what happens?

A. After the section syllabi are created, changes will be processed by batch updates. Changed courses will update with new information, such as a newly-assigned instructor. Edits made by the original instructor will be retained, and will need to be removed or replaced by the new instructor.


Q. My course was cancelled, but the syllabus is still in Concourse.

A. For cancelled courses, the syllabus will be deleted by the system administrator. Faculty do not need to delete or "drop" courses.


Q. Who should I contact if I am scheduled to teach a course but it is not appearing in my list of syllabi?

A. Contact your department scheduler (admin secretary) for problems with department-specific or course-specific information.


Q. How long do I have to edit my syllabus? (What's the deadline?)

A. The syllabus must be updated no later than the seventh day after the first day of classes for the semester or other academic term during which the course is offered.


Q. Can I add a picture (of myself, my textbook, etc.) to the syllabus?

A. The editor does not offer the opportunity to actually add or paste a picture or image into the syllabus. However, you can hyperlink to an external website or attach a file such as a jpg. If you choose to attach a file, you must upload it to the syllabus first.


Q. What's the best way to add the e-syllabus as a link in my Canvas course?

A. The Concourse integration in Canvas creates a navigation link in all courses titled "Course Syllabus", so most instructors will not need to take further action. If your course is cross-listed or you opt to hide the Course Syllabus link for some reason, you will need to follow the instructions in "Linking to Your Syllabus" to add a hyperlink to the course homepage, Syllabus tool, etc. in Canvas.

Q. I'd rather not use the Concourse syllabus. Is it OK if I just use the Canvas Syllabus tool, a Word document, or a PDF?

A. All faculty must use the Concourse eSyllabus in order to comply with state requirements, and the Concourse syllabus is considered the "official" syllabus. Also, the link to the Concourse syllabus is already present in all Canvas shells, so why work harder than you have to? If you have additional details you'd prefer to leave out of the Concourse syllabus, please add them to a separate document, to avoid confusing students.


Q. Is there a preferred web browser for using Concourse?

A. The recommended browser is Chrome, however few issues have been reported with other browsers. It is best to have the most current version of any browser you may be using. For more information on browsers and other computer settings, view the "Suggestions for Optimal System Performance" support guide.


Q. Who should I notify if I find errors or have suggestions for improvement in this training guide?

A. Please contact Alamo Instructional Technology at [email protected]

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