Manual JAMF Enroll for Macs

For the Alamo Colleges to continue to strengthen our security stance and protect Alamo digital resources, we are implementing a Security Remediation/Enrollment project that will ensure all systems have the following:

1) The correct naming convention

2) Latest Apple version

3) Device not older than five years.

4) Device enrolled in our Management Service (JAMF)

On your Apple device, open your browser and type in the following link:

Log in using your domain credentials (password: should be the same as your computer)

Download the first CA Certificate by clicking Continue

Go to System Preferences by clicking on the Apple logo on the top-left corner.

Click on Profiles.

Install the CA Certificate.

Click Install again.

Download MDM profile by clicking Continue. The screen below will appear after you have downloaded the initial certificate profile.

Go back to profiles in System preferences and install the MDM profile.

After installation you should automatically get two profiles: Jamf Notifications and Privacy Preferences. You should have 4 new profiles in total.

When completed your browser will say the following.


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