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Move or Reorganize an Existing Presentation

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Video collections such as Mediasite Channels and Shared folders help keep content organized in your MyMediasite portal. You can move individual Mediasite presentations from one place to another, such as from your default Drafts folder to a Mediasite Channel, or from a Mediasite Channel to a Shared folder. When moving a presentation, be sure to select the appropriate option for the presentation's security settings (see Step 4).

Note: Moving a presentation does not change its published URL, so existing links and embeds to the individual presentation will remain unaffected.

  1. From within your MyMediasite portal, select the name of the presentation you wish to move. A summary of the presentation will appear.

  2. Select Move To in the right column of the presentation summary.

3. Choose to move the presentation to your Drafts folder, a Shared folder, or a Channel. If you choose Shared folder or Channel, use the pagination and search controls to select from a list of available Shared folders or Channels.

  1. Under Permissions, select Inherit permissions from parent folder if moving the presentation to a Shared folder, or select Inherit permissions from channel if moving the presentation to a Channel.

    If you have previously customized the presentation's security settings and wish to retain those permissions, select Keep permissions from source presentation. However, in most cases, you should choose to inherit the permissions of the destination Shared folder or channel as described above.

  2. Select Move Presentation.


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