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Download Your Mediasite Presentation

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You can download a copy of your Mediasite presentation for archival or offline viewing. The instructions below describe three ways to download your Mediasite presentation from your MyMediasite portal.

  1. From within the list of presentations in your MyMediasite portal, select the name of the presentation you wish to download. A summary of the presentation will appear.

  2. Select Edit Details in the right column. Options for editing the presentation will appear.

3. Select Delivery.

4. Check the appropriate checkbox(es) to select your download format(s). There are three downloadable formats:

Podcast: Creates an audio-only MP3 file. Choose your quality.

Publish To Go: Creates a self-contained .zip package containing all of the components necessary to watch your presentation offline. This format is best suited for offline playback on desktops and laptops, as some mobile devices cannot read .zip files. Publish To Go (P2G) packages are advantageous to the other download formats because they maintain the viewing experience - watching an offline Publish To Go presentation will look just like it would if you were watching the presentation online and will include closed captions (if available) and other metadata not available in the Podcast and Video Podcast delivery formats.

5. Select Save at the top-right.

6. From the presentation summary, select Download to Computer, located at the bottom of the right column.

See the instructions below to download your Mediasite presentation in the format you desire.

Audio-Only Podcast

Select Download Podcast to download the audio-only podcast as an MP3 file.

Please Note: The server must first create the MP3 podcast file before the download option will appear. Please be patient while the server creates the file and refresh the page periodically for the "Download Podcast" option to appear.

Publish To Go

Select Download Publish to Go to download the Publish To Go package.

If the Publish To Go package has not been created yet by the server or if it has expired, select Add Publish to Go to start the creation process.

The download package may take several minutes to be prepared. If you do not wish to wait, you may close the dialog box, and Mediasite will continue preparing the download behind the scenes, but there will be no notification when the creation process completes, so you must remember to return to the page by selecting Download to Computer again.

When the download is ready, the dialog box will display a Download Publish to Go button. Select the button to download the .zip file to your computer.

Watch a Presentation from a Publish To Go Package

  1. Locate the Publish To Go .zip file on your computer and extract (decompress/unzip) its contents.

    Windows: Right-click on the .zip file, choose "Extract All..." and follow the prompts.

    MacOS: Double-click the .zip file. The files will automatically extract to a folder.

  2. From the extracted files, double-click "Default.html" to open your web browser and begin playing the presentation.

Please note: You cannot play back a Publish To Go presentation without first extracting its files from the .zip archive (Step 1).


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