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Guidelines and Media Retention Policies

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My Media (also known as Mediasite and Alamo Media) cloud storage and video streaming service is licensed for use by current employees and students of the Alamo Colleges District (“users”). It is intended for instructional use only as well as authorized College and District business, communication, and live-streaming events.

My Media User Agreement

By using this service, users are required to review and accept the terms and conditions set forth in the MediaSite End-User License Agreement (EULA) and are responsible for maintaining an understanding of its current terms set forth by Sonic Foundry, Inc. The current version of the MediaSite EULA is available on the Sonic Foundry website.

All users of My Media agree to abide by Board Policies C.1.8: Intellectual Property, C.1.9: Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources, E.1.7: Instructional Resources: Copyrighted Materials, and Student Code of Conduct Procedure F.4.2.1, the rules and regulations contained in applicable college student handbooks, and guidelines/procedures set forth in faculty/staff manuals, as well as the laws of the State of Texas and of the United States of America.

We remind users that state and federal laws apply to the use of College and District Support Office networks and the Internet, including but not limited to those dealing with:

  • copyright infringement
  • defamation
  • discrimination
  • fraud
  • harassment
  • identity theft
  • obscene materials
  • records retention

Downloading or disseminating copyrighted materials outside the provisions of “fair use” or without the permission of the copyright holder is prohibited. Illegally obtained material may include, but is not limited to, music, movies, games, software, etc. and may subject the user to civil or criminal penalties beyond penalties for violation of Alamo Colleges District policy. Please see the Alamo Colleges Legal Services website for further information on copyright and fair use.

Users who violate these terms and conditions will have their My Media account access revoked and any applicable content/data removed by an authorized IT systems administrator.

My Media Storage Allotment and Retention

Users are encouraged to utilize My Media for hosting authorized media content for an extended period of time. To maintain our storage capacity, media with less than 100 views one calendar year (365 days) after it was uploaded may be subject to deletion by an authorized IT systems administrator.


My Media accounts and uploaded data from separated employees will be deleted 150 days after his/her/their separation date. If the former employee’s supervisor would like to retain their video/audio content and subsequent viewing data, they may notify [email protected] prior to the deletion deadline.


Student work created to fulfill college course work is owned by the student, with exceptions listed in ProcedureC.1.8.1: Intellectual PropertyMedia uploaded by former students (i.e, graduated, transferred, or not enrolled for at least one semester) will have their My Media accounts - including video/audio content and viewing data - deleted 150 days after the last login or registered activity.


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