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Add Presentations to Channel

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Presentations in Mediasite are video recordings or multimedia content that you want to share with others. These could be lectures, webinars, tutorials, conference sessions, or any other type of recorded content.

When you add presentations to a channel in Mediasite, you're grouping related content together. This makes it easier for users to find and access specific videos or materials based on a common theme, topic, course, or category.

In this guide, you will learn how to add presentations to a channel in mediasite.

  1. To create add presentations to a channel, first open My Media.
  2. Click Sign in.
  3. Login with ACES.

In the home page, create a new presentation or select an existing one.

mediasite navigation bar with blue rectangle highliting My presentations tab

Under My Presentations, select the video you would like to add to a channel.

my presentations page in mediasite with video list, titles, and thumbnail

In the video player, select Move To.

video play page with blue rectangle highlighting instruction to click Move To

Select Place this Presentation in a Channel.

Select the channel that you would like to move it to. If you haven't done so yet, learn how to create a channel.

Click Move Presentation.

move presentation into a channel page with red arrow directing to click place this presentation in a channel. Blue rectangle highliting Move Presentation button.

To view your video in it's new channel. You can now select Browse Channels in the navigation bar on the home page

mediasite navigation bar with blue rectangle highlighting browse channels button

See all the channels you have listed.

channels page with one channel "Panopto Guides" highlighting with blue rectangle.

Click on the channel to see the videos listed.

channel page with videos listed in prosepctive channel including quick action buttons and a video thumbnail.

Additional Support

We hope this guide helped you learn how to creat channels in Mediasite. If you have additional questions or want to learn more about the different features offers, visit Mediasite support guides. Feel free to leave a comment if you need additional assistance.


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