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Navigating My Mediasite (General Overview)

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Mediasite allows users to record audio, video, and visuals, such as slides or screen captures, and publish presentations. Create quizzes, polls, and discussion forums that can be integrated into the presentations. View presentation analytics and allow recordings to be streamed or downloaded by viewers.

My Mediasite Home Page:

Let's take a look around.

1-10 numbered instructions on homepage
  1. Home page - Click Home to go to homepage. This is the starting point where you can view My Mediasite settings and features. Presentations will appear on this page as well.
  2. Add a Presentation - Click Add Presentation to create blank presentations, capture video, upload video file, or link to an external video.
  3. My Presentations - View all presentations, or tap the drop-down arrow to filter.  
  4. Browse Channels - Click Browse Channels to access your channels and shared folders in My Mediasite. Channels are searchable collections of presentations. Create multiple channels and add presentations to them. Your channels are private but can be shared via their URLs.
  5. Browse Shared Folders - Click Shared Folders to access all folders you have access to on Mediasite. If Shared folders are available on your Mediasite, you can add your presentations to them. Shared folders are accessible by multiple users. In fact, any user with permissions to a shared folder can view and add content to it. Your Mediasite administrator creates shared folders and you cannot edit or delete them from My Mediasite.
  6. Favorite Channels & Shared Folders - Select folders and channels and add them to your favorites for quick access.
  7. Account Settings - Update user profile, notifications, presenter information, and publishing settings. You can also connect to OneDrive to import Team recordings.
  8. Search Bar - Search all videos and presentations.
  9. Sort & Filter - Sort and filter through videos and presentations. This is especially helpful if you have lots of videos.
  10. Video - Click thumbnail or video title link to view presentation, edit quizzes, polls, view analytics, and viewing settings.

Additional Resources and Information

Visit Mediasite for more information navigating the home page and using presentation tools.


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