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Turnitin Draft Coach for Microsoft Word Web Application

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Turnitin Draft Coach is available to Alamo Colleges District (ACD) employees and students through the Microsoft Word web application found in Microsoft 365. This add-in allows users to get immediate feedback on citations, grammar, and text matches within Turnitin's databases while writing in Word on the web.

Turnitin Draft Coach is only available to employees and students through an ACD-licensed Microsoft 365 account and cannot be used on the desktop version of Microsoft Word. Select one of the following links to access the Microsoft 365 guide for your current role:

Turnitin Draft Coach is enabled by default for all users within the Microsoft Word on the web application, but it may take a few seconds to load on the Word ribbon.

Getting Started with Turnitin Draft Coach in Microsoft Word on the Web

  1. Open Word on the web using your ACES (students) or Microsoft 365 account (employees) credentials.
  2. Select the Turnitin tab [A] in the Word ribbon, then select Draft Coach [B].
  1. The Draft Coach sidebar will appear to the right of your document; select Get Feedback Now to launch the tool. First-time users will be prompted to permit Turnitin LLC limited access to your Microsoft 365 profile and accept the terms and conditions outlined by the Turnitin End-User License Agreement.
  1. The following tools will appear within the Draft Coach window:
    1. Similarity Check - Draft Coach's Similarity Report quantifies how similar your work is to other pieces of writing, highlighting any areas in your paper that match sources on the internet, in databases, or in someone else's paper. Before turning in your work, use the report to make revisions and ensure all matches are appropriate according to your instructor's assignment expectations. Similarity Checks can be run up to 3 times per document.
    2. Citations Check - The Citations Report helps you identify when citations are missing references or when references are missing citations. Review the flagged items and guidance in this tool to fix citation errors. There are no limits to Citation Checks, and they can be run at any time while working on your draft.
    3. Grammar Guide - The Grammar Guide presents users with feedback on grammar, mechanics, usage, and structure. The guide detects and potential grammatical issues, then presents a summary along with a list of issues found in the writing. Selecting each issue provides you with an explanation, a description of the grammatical rule, and a suggestion outlining how to fix it. Grammar Checks can be run as often as you like and at any point during the writing.

Select the corresponding tab or "Go to ..." link at the bottom of each section to launch the tool and review feedback.

You can run a maximum of 3 Similarity Checks per document. Citation and Grammar Checks are unlimited in Draft Coach.

For further assistance with Turnitin Draft Coach, select the Get Help button at the bottom of the Draft Coach window, or consult these Turnitin user guides:


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