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Activating and Submitting via Quick Submit

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Turnitin logo's Quick Submit feature allows instructors to submit papers or discussion posts and receive a Similarity Report without creating a class or an assignment. This is ideal for spot-checking submissions, but it should not be used if you already have students submit their work to Turnitin, or if you have plans to use other Feedback Studio features such as Peer Review or GradeMark.

Activating Quick Submit

Quick Submit is only available through under an Instructor role. If the user type defaults to Student, this can be changed in the Account settings.

  1. Log into and click User Info from the top of the instructor homepage.
Select "User Info"
  1. In the Account Settings column at right, select Yes from the "Activate quick submit" drop-down menu, then click Submit at the bottom of the page to activate the feature.
Activate quick submit
  1. The Quick Submit tab will now appear at the top of your homepage.
Access Quick Submit tab from the instructor homepage

Submitting a Paper via Quick Submit

Files submitted to Quick Submit must meet Turnitin's submission requirements.

Once Quick Submit is activated, you can access the inbox from the Quick Submit tab at the top of your instructor homepage.

  1. To start the upload process, click on Submit in the top-left corner of the inbox.
"Submit" to the Quick Submit inbox
  1. Select the databases that the paper or text will be checked against. At least one search option must be chosen.
Customize your search by chosing to search for text similarity in internet, publication, or student paper repositories
  1. The "Submit Papers to" drop-down box gives you the option to submit the paper to Turnitin's standard paper repository. Click Submit to continue to the paper submission page.
Choose whether or not to submit the paper to the standard paper repository

If you would not like future papers to match against the file or text you will upload, choose no repository.

  1. Select which type of file you will be uploading from the "Submit" drop-down menu [A]. If you select either the "Single Upload" or "Cut & Paste Upload" options, you will be prompted to enter the author's first and last names and a submission title. Follow the remaining prompts to navigate to the file or input submission text. When you are finished, click Upload [B].
Choose file upload type
  1. To ensure you have selected the correct file or text, preview the file and submission details before you Confirm the upload.
Preview and confirm file upload
  1. Once the Quick Submit process is completed, you'll receive a digital receipt and be presented with options to "Go to the assignment inbox" or "Submit another file." Navigate back to the Quick Submit inbox to view the Similarity Report for the uploaded submission.
Access submission details and Similarity Report from the Quick Submit inbox

For questions or technical assistance with Quick Submit, view Turnitin's Support Guides for making a submission to Feedback Studio or contact [email protected].


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