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Using the Edit Menu

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Use the Edit menu to create or edit questions .

1. Select a question type from the tabs along the left.

2. Enter the question text in the question template.

3. Add formatting to the question text using the toolbar options.

The Edit Toolbar provides tools for formatting text or adding equations, tables, images and other media. 

A. Save File 

B. Spell Check 

C. Cut, Copy and Paste 

D. Bold, Italic, Underline 

E. Superscript and Subscript 

F. Equation Editor - add mathematical and scientific equations. 

G. HTML Editor 

H. Media Wizard - add images, audio, video, and other files; embed files from other servers (e.g. YouTube, Picasa). 

I. Power Edit - provides a larger edit window and includes other tools like bulleted lists, fonts, tables, etc.

4. Specify the correct answer (if applicable) and the point value.

5. Click the Preview button to preview the question.

6. When ready, click the Add to End of List or Insert into List button. 

7. The question will appear in the Question List at the bottom of the screen.

Video Tutorial: Creating and Formatting Questions in Respondus 4


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