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Upload and Share a File on Adobe Acrobat Online

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Alamo Colleges employees can use Adobe Web for uploading and sharing documents securely and efficiently. By utilizing this platform, they can collaborate seamlessly, ensuring easy access to important files while maintaining data integrity. Adobe Web's features enable streamlined document management, enhancing productivity and facilitating effective communication among team members.

Upload a File to the Adobe Document Cloud

1.   Begin by signing into Acrobat web at with your Adobe account credentials.

Note: You can visit our guide on Getting Started with Adobe to learn how to log in to your work account if it's your first time. Plus, as an Alamo Colleges District employee you instantly gain access to all creative cloud apps.

  1. Select Documents [C] from the navigation ribbon at top, then select the Upload a file button [D] in the upper right.
upload a file to adobe
  1. A window will display; navigate to the file you wish to upload from your device, select it, then click Open.
upload file from file window

4.   Once the file uploads, the document will load in the PDF viewer.

file in PDF viewer

It will also appear in your list of Adobe Document Cloud files.

file in documents folder

Sharing a File from the Adobe Document Cloud

By default, files uploaded to the Adobe Document Cloud will be shared with "Only you."

To share an online document with others, you have three options to choose from:

  1. From the document page: In the PDF viewer, select the link icon to Get a link to this document to share with others.
share a file from document cloud
  1. From  documents- Hover your mouse over the document until you see the Get a link to this document to share with others button [link icon] to the right of the document title, then select it to create the public link.
get a link to document to share with others

A "Get Link" window will appear; select the Get Link button to create a shareable link.

get link

3.    Invite others by clicking the Share icon.

share and invite others to view
share with others allow comments

If you will be sharing this document from a site that can be accessed by the public, it is recommended that you Disable comments to prevent people from commenting on your PDF, however, if you are asking for feedback on a document from a co-worker or colleague, then Allow comments.

Once the link to your document has been generated, it will copy the URL to your clipboard for you to share with others.

link copied

You can stop sharing the file at any point by selecting the "More menu" option [3 horizontal dots] on the item, then selecting Unshare file from the menu.

unshare a file

Additional Resources

Want to lean more? Visit the Adobe Acrobat Tutorials. Need help with something else? Contact the IT help desk.


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