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Create, Combine, and Sign PDF's in Acrobat (Windows Desk top)

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Creating PDF's in Adobe Acrobat offers a number of benefits for document management and collaboration. By converting files into PDF format, you can ensure consistent formatting across different devices, preserving the original document's layout and design.

PDF's also provide enhanced security features, allowing you to set permissions, password-protect sensitive information, and digitally sign documents.

Additionally, Acrobat enables advanced editing capabilities, including adding annotations, inserting multimedia elements, and merging multiple files into a single PDF.

These features make Adobe Acrobat an invaluable tool for professional presentations and secure document sharing.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

How to create a PDF

1. Begin by signing into Adobe Acrobat via desktop app.

2. Once you are logged into Acrobat, select Tools, and click Create PDF.

create PDF adobe acrobat

Shortcut Tip: If you are converting a word doc to a PDF, you can open your document in Word and select Save as Adobe PDF or Export to Adobe PDF for a shortcut to convert to PDF.

Continue reading and following the steps below for all other types of documents.

microsoft word adobe shortcut

3. Once you've clicked Create PDF, choose Select File.

select a file to create PDF acrobat

4. Locate and select the file you wish to convert, then press Open.

locate and select open to file to merge

5. You will now be able to see your document was uploaded. Select Create to finish the conversion process.

create PDF to finalize conversion

Success! In the PDF viewer, you can see your document has been converted.

Here you can edit it, add more files, add a signature, and much more. Continue reading to learn how to add merge multiple files and add a signature.

PDF viewer
How to merge multiple files into one

Merging files is essential for multiple documents that should be submitted in one file. For example, applications, proposals, and other types booklets may sometimes require all paperwork to be submitted as one PDF document.

1. Begin by opening Acrobat, and select one of the files you want to merge.

2. Then in the right navigation bar, select Combine Files.

navigation bar in pdf viewer combine files

2. Then, you have the option to Add Files [1] from your computer, or to Add Open Files [2] that you may have already uploaded to acrobat.

add files from computer or add open files in acrobat
  • If you upload from your computer, select the file you wish to merge, and click Open [1].
  • If you use open files, Select the files you wish to merge, and click Add Files [2].
select and locate file to add and merge

3. Whichever method you choose, you will be directed to the page to verify the documents you want to merge. There should be a list of all documents being merged as showcased below.

see list of files ready to merge

4. Sometimes Adobe doesn't catch the full list of documents to merge, so, if you do not see all the files that you are trying to combine on this screen, click Add Files drop down menu.

add more files to merge

5. Make sure all the files you want are included and that should do the trick to give you a preview of the full list. Once you see all the correct documents listed on the screen, select Combine, located in the top right corner of the screen.

click combine files to finish merging

6. Now your files will be available to view and edit in the PDF viewer. You can change the order they are in simply by dragging them up or down under the thumbnails tab.

For additional help with organizing files, visit out guide on how to organize files in Acrobat.

move page order in acrobat

Success! You now have your documents combined into one file.

Adding an e-signature to a PDF

1. Select the PDF you want to add a signature to.

Note: For instructions on creating an e-signature, visit our guide on How to Create an E-Signature in Adobe.

2. Then in the right navigation bar, select Fill & Sign.

sign option in navigation

3. In the top navigation bar, locate the Sign Yourself option, and if you already set up your e-signature, then you will be able to choose between your signature or initials, depending on what you set up in Adobe Sign.

sign yourself add signature in adobe

4. Now you have the ability to place your signature where you please and adjust the size.

Note: Once you save a form with a signature or initials, you will no longer be able to edit the PDF.

signature options in PDF viewer

Success! Now you can add a professional signature to any document.

You did it!

You have officially mastered the basics of Adobe Acrobat.

Don't stop now! Learn how to prepare a fillable form or visit our Acrobat guides for additional learning material.  

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