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Add text to a flat form in Acrobat

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In Acrobat, you have the ability to edit PDF's in a number of ways.

In this guide we will walk you through editing a flat form and adding text to it.

Note: This article is only meant for adding text to a flat document.

If you want to create a form for someone else to fill out that can be automatically accept information without having to make any additional edits, then visit our guide on how to prepare a fillable form.

  1. Begin by signing into Acrobat web at with your Adobe account credentials.
  2. Once signed in, in the top navigation bar, click Convert > Convert to PDF.
convert to pdf adobe acrobat

3. Drag and Drop your form, or click Add a file.

4. Once your form is uploaded, click Continue.

drag and drop oor add files from device to convert to PDF

5. Now once your form is uploaded, it will appear in the PDF viewer. To start filling it out all you have to do is click the Text box icon in the left navigation panel.

locate text fill out option in acrobat

6. The text box[1] allows you to fill in form fields. Select Type Text[2], and click anywhere on the page you want to fill out. You can also change the size and placement of the text simply by moving the text box.[3]

select type text and tap on the page to begin filling out the form

Success! Now you can take any flat form and fill it out with your desired fields.

Sign a form

1. To sign your form, you can follow the same instructions above to convert your file to PDF. Then, in the PDF viewer, locate the Sign icon.

locate sign form icon

2. Choose your signature or initials.

Note: Be sure to have set-up your signature before-hand. If you haven't done so, don't worry. Checkout our guide on setting up your signature and initials. If you are unhappy with your signature, you can also edit it directly from this page by clicking the pencil icon.

choose signature or initial to sign

3. After selecting your signature, you will be able to place it anywhere you want on the page. Choose where you would like to add your signature and click it on the page. You can edit the text size[1] and total size[2] as well.

place signature on form

Success! Now you can fill out and sign any official forms!

Additional Resources

Want to lean more? Visit the Adobe Acrobat Tutorials. Need help with something else? Contact the IT help desk.


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