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Export PDF to Word in Acrobat Online

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Exporting a PDF from Adobe Acrobat offers more flexibility when editing documents.

  • Converting to Word or Excel allows easy modification of text, images, and tables.
  • Exporting as an image (e.g., JPEG or PNG) is handy for sharing specific pages or graphics on different platforms.

It allows you to work with PDF content and share with others effectively.

In this guide you will learn how to Export a PDF from Acrobat to a Word document and to a JPG image.

Convert to Word doc

1. Login to Adobe via desk top or web portal.

2. In the navigation bar at the top of your screen, select Convert > Export a PDF.

adobe acrobat convert and export to PDF

3. You can drag and drop or select files from your documents, computer, or recents. Choose the document(s) you wish to export, and select Continue.

adobe acrobat select files to export

4. Choose the type of file you want to convert to. You may choose from .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, or JPG.

  • For simple files such as letters or documents without a lot of images or elements, a Word doc would be a good choice.
  • For files with more graphic elements, images, designs, special fonts, a JPG will be a better option.
  • Use PowerPoint if you are aiming to present a series of pages that may resemble a booklet, magazine, or brochure.
  • Press Convert.
choose type of file to convert PDF in acrobat

5. If you chose to convert to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, Microsoft should automatically pull up your conversion into a web viewer or download straight to you computer. Select Edit to make changes to your document.

open up document in word web viewer

Convert to JPG

6. If you chose JPG, you may have to download the zip file as shown below. Click Download file.

download zip file to computer

7. The zip file will download to your computer. Click on the zip file to open it.

open zip file

8. Click on the folder of the zip file you downloaded.

locate and open zip folder in files

9. Your JPG file(s) will be displayed for viewing.

see files downloaded and type

10. You can also easily rename these files by right clicking on the file, then select Rename.

rename files by right clicking
renamed files for organization

That's it! Now, you can export PDF files for easy editing and sharing with colleagues.

Additional Resources

Want to lean more? Visit the Adobe Acrobat Tutorials. Need help with something else? Contact the IT help desk.


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