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Convert a File to PDF, Share, and Add Comments

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Reviewing your colleagues or co-workers documents has never been easier, no matter what file they have shared with you. You can easily convert files to a PDF in Adobe Acrobat and add comments to a PDF file.

In this guide you will learn how to:

Note: If your document is not in a PDF file, you must first convert it to PDF before you can add comments.

How to convert a file to a PDF in Adobe

1. Login to Adobe via desk top or web portal.

2. In the top navigation bar, select Convert > Convert to PDF.

convert to PDF

3. Be sure to have saved the file to your computer before-hand, then select My Computer > Drag and Drop or Select File.

4. Once you've got your file added, press Continue.

select file to convert

Success! Acrobat will open the PDF viewer, and it will automatically save to your files. From here you can edit, sign, or share this document with others.

Add comments to uploaded PDF

1. If you already have a file uploaded to Adobe, you can simply go to the Acrobat home page. In the top navigation bar select Edit > Add comments.

choose file to add comments

2. Choose the file you want to add comments to from recents or documents. Check the box. Press Continue.

add a comment box

3. Your file will appear in the PDF viewer and comments will be enabled on the right side of the page. Begin typing in the Add a comment box.

add comments

4. Post your comment.

post comment

5. Your comments will appear on the sidebar. You can move where a comment will appear on the page by moving the orange chat bubble with your cursor.

move chat bubble
Share a PDF & allow comments

1. Share a link with someone by clicking the Share or Copy Link icon in the top right corner of the page.

  • Sharing will allow you to instantly invite someone to view the document.
  • Copying the link will allow you to paste the link and share with anyone.
share PDF

2. Enter the name or email or you can select the Get Link button. You can allow them to add comments as well.

invite people to view PDF

3. Type in their email, write them a message (optional), then press Invite.

type a message

Success! They will receive an email that allows them to open the link. Then, they will see the PDF file in Adobe the same way you do.

Additional Resources

We hope this helped you share and collaborate on PDF files in Acrobat.

Keep the learning going! Visit the Adobe Acrobat Tutorials.

Feel free to leave a comment if you additional questions. Need help with something else? Contact the IT help desk.


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