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Organize Pages in Acrobat Online

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The Acrobat Organize Pages tool simplifies PDF management by allowing users to reorder, insert, delete, extract, and rotate pages all in one place. It enables effortless rearrangement of pages. You can insert new pages, import content from other files, and delete unnecessary pages, streamlining the process of building long form documents with multiple pages.  

In this guide, we will walk you through how to reorder, add, delete, and rotate multiple pages.

1. Begin by signing into Acrobat web at with your Adobe account credentials.

Note: You can visit our guide on Getting Started with Adobe to learn how to log in to your work account if it's your first time. Plus, as an Alamo Colleges District employee you instantly gain access to all creative cloud apps.

2. In the navigation bar at the top of the screen, select Edit > Organize Pages

select edit, organize, in adobe acrobat

3. Choose the pages from your recents, documents, or your computer that you would like to organize. Select Continue.

choose pages you would like to organize from files

4. Your pages will appear. To add more pages, select the Insert Pages (+) icon. More (+) signs will appear, so you can choose where in the order that you would like to add a new page.

options to organize pages

5. You can also rotate all your pages, or individual pages. To rotate all pages, click the rotate icon at the top navigation[1]. Or to rotate individual pages, hover the cursor over the page you want to rotate, then select the rotate arrow icon [2].

rotate all or individual pages

6. You can delete pages by hovering over the page, and selecting the trash can icon.

delete individual pages

7. Once your pages are organized, press Save.

save organized pages

8. Adobe will give you the option to rename your file before completing the save. Enter your title and click Save.

rename the file and click save

Success! Now you know how to reorder, rotate, add, and delete pages all in one tool.

Additional Resources

Want to lean more? Visit the Adobe Acrobat Tutorials. Need help with something else? Contact the IT help desk.


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