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What is a macro?

A macro is a series of instructions that you, as a user, can automatically direct Excel to execute upon the push of a button.  

It saves time and is very helpful if you take the same steps with various reports in Excel.  

These instructions can be saved to your personal macro workbooks in Excel to use whenever needed.

Automating Actions with Macros

Step 1: Ensure the Developer Tab is visible by going to File>Options>Customize Ribbon.

Developer Tab

Step 2: Select Developer Tab, then select Record Macro.

Record Macro

Step 3: On the following screen, enter the Macro name at a minimum, then click OK.

It is recommended to store macros in the Personal Macro Workbook.

Macro Name & Description

Step 4: Insert Instructions

For this example, the following instructions will take place

  1. Specific Text entered into G2
  2. CONCAT Formula inserted
  3. Hide excess rows
  4. Name column will be sorted
Instructions for macro
Instructions for macro

Step 5: Return to the Developer Tab and select Stop Recording.

The macro is now saved.

Stop recording

Running a Saved Macro

To run your saved macro, select the Developer Tab>Macros as shown below.


Search for the macro and click Run.

This will repeat all the steps you recorded as instructions for any sheet.

Macro Names

Video with Example

Take a look at this video with a similar example using the same table.


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