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Adding Items to Junk Mail via Web App

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The Outlook Web App can be reached through ACES or through the direct link

Username: ACES Username

Password: E-mail Password located in Web-Services (ACES)

Outlook provides the ability to send received emails that are not wanted to the Junk Folder.

1. Locate Email you want to send to Junk Mail folder.

2. Click on the email to view it and then on the top ribbon click "Junk" then "Junk" again.

The email and further emails from recipient will be sent to "Junk Emails" folder.

An Alert window will pop-up, click any option you'd like to proceed.

Tip: You can undo this by going to your "Junk E-mail" Folder.  Select the email you want to re-approve, go to the ribbon and click "Not junk".


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