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Getting Started with OneDrive and Using Office 365 Web Applications

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Microsoft OneDrive allows you to save all your important files for work or school in one place.

OneDrive's online AutoSave feature will automatically save any file in progress to the to the drive, so you never have to fear accidentally closing out of tabs, forgetting to save, or if your computer suddenly decides to freeze or crash.

In this guide, we will walk you through accessing OneDrive and using the Microsoft 365 web applications.

How to access and use OneDrive

The easiest way to acces your Microsoft account is by logging into ACES.

For detailed instructions on logging into your account visit our guides for:

Once you are logged into Microsoft, locate and select the grid (App Launcher) icon.

microsoft web app launcher

Select OneDrive.

access onedrive on the web

OneDrive will open. Let's take a look around. You can start a new file or upload to OneDrive.

create new file or upload file to onedrive

Take note of the navigation panel. If you are an employee, you may have been added to a specific department's drive, which can be located here. You can access important shared files from your team.

onedrive navigation panel

Notice the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page.

In settings you can view, update or change:

  • One Drive settings [1] - Set email notifications and reminders.
  • Themes [2] - Select from a variety of themes to customise the look of your OneDrive.
  • Language & Time zone [3] - Change your language, time zone, and regional format.
  • Switch to Dark mode [4] - Change the look of OneDrive to a dark mode.
  • Change Password [5] - Update your Microsoft password.
  • Update Contact preferences [6] - View additional settings and update contact preferences.
microsoft onedrive settings

If you are unable to download Microsoft office apps, you can use the web versions for most major applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Select New drop-down arrow and choose the web application you would like to work in.

new file in microsoft onedrive

One of the benefits of working in the web application rather than desktop is that all files are automatically saved to the drive. You do not have to enable AutoSave as you must do on desktop applications.

Tap the drop-down arrow to rename your file.

microsoft word web application

Input your file name and press enter. All changes are saved in Drive.

rename file in word web application

That's it! You can now access OneDrive and Microsoft web applications.

Additional Resources

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For more information about Microsoft OneDrive, visit the Microsoft support & learning center.


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