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Sharing Files & Folders from OneDrive

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The Office 365 files and folders you store in OneDrive are private until you give others access to view them.

Alamo Colleges District faculty and staff accounts are separated from the student Office 365 accounts, so to share files and folders with students you will need to follow the steps in this guide.

Sharing a file or folder

You can share a link to a file by using Copy link. Copy link isn't the only way to share content, but it's the easiest way to share files and folders with others.

  1. Go to your OneDrive.
  2. Select the file or folder by clicking next to it.
Select the folder or file that you want to share

3.  You can either right-click or use the toolbar for the file or folder you want to share -
Copy link is the easiest method to sharing a file or folder since this method provides a link you can paste anywhere-in an email, in Canvas, etc.
Share is an easy method if you just want to send the link to specific email addresses.


You can select share or copy link from the menu or the right-click drop down

4 .  Both Share and Copy link default to Anyone with this link can edit.  


Be aware that anyone with this link can edit selection

Click on “Anyone with this link can edit” to view all link settings. You can choose who the link will work for, enable or disable the “allow editing” option, and set an expiration date for the link, if desired. Click Apply.

Note: depending on the selection this window will change.

Link settings allows you to select linking preferences, allow editting, and setting an expiration date


  • Links created by using Copy link are not discoverable by search, so only people who receive a link can use access the file.
  • People may need to sign in with their Office 365 ( or account to copy or download the file.
Removing Sharing Permissions
  1. Click on the Shared link for the item that you want to manage access.
Click on Shared image in the Sharing column

2. On the right slide out panel, you can delete the links or modify access for an individual.

Manage access allows you to delete links and/or change permissions on individual's access


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