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Create an Email Signature in Outlook (Windows & Mac Desktop)

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Creating an email signature in Outlook enhances the level professionalism in your messaging by automatically including your name and credentials at the bottom of every email you send.

In this guide, we will walk you through creating a basic signature and customizing your own personalized signature from Microsoft's signature templates.

Create a basic signature (Easiest)

Open the Outlook app on Windows desktop.

Select New Email.

new email

Select the signature icon > drop-down arrow > Signatures.

access signatures in outlook

Select New.

create a new signature in outlook

Type a name for your new signature.

title your signature

We recommend adding your name, job title, phone number, email, work address, or any other information you believe might be important.

Optional: Add an image to your signature to indicate your company or organization. You can download the Alamo Colleges District logo on the district website. For other colleges visit your prospective college website.

Note: Some colleges may require you to request a logo before usage. See links below for additional details. Be sure to follow the Alamo Colleges District Brand Standards before using your logo.

add an image to signature in outlook

Insert your image.

insert image from computer

If your image is too big, resize it; right click image > Picture.

adjust size of image in outlook signature

Click Size.

Adjust the height to 0.5". The width will adjust automatically.

Select OK when finished.

how to adjust size outlook signature

If you have multiple signatures be sure to select the one you would like to use as a default.

Press Save.

Click OK when finished.

final result of signature, select default signature and save.
Create a personalized signature from Microsoft templates (Recommended)

Microsoft templates allows you to personalize a signature from a given template, giving it a more professional and creative look.

You can access the link to templates in your signature page in Outlook. We've also listed the link for you below.

get signature templates in Outlook

Choose Customize in Word. (You can also download the templates, but customizing in word may be easier for you to quickly edit the template and copy & paste).

email signature gallery

Scroll through the pages and select the template that best fits your needs and desires.

choose from signature templates in microsoft word

Once you have chosen a template, you are going to copy the template.

Make sure the entire template is highlighted.

copy signature template

Then, open a New Email in Outlook.

Note: You must paste the template into a new email message box before you paste it into the signature box. Pasting the signature into a drafted email will also provide you with a nice preview of how your signature will look once finalized.

In the email text box you have the ability to edit the template and customize it with your picture, links, and information.

Paste the template into the message box. Select Keep Source Formatting, so your template stays intact.

paste signature template

If you chose a template with a photo, select the image > right-click > Change Picture > This Device.

Note: Be sure to have saved your headshot to your computer beforehand for easy uploading.

change picture in signature template outlook

Select the desired image from files.

Click Insert.

insert an image into signature template outlook

Now that your image is customized, you can also add your social links to any icons included in the template.

To add links, select the icon > right-click > Link > Insert Link.

insert social links into icons in signature template outlook

Paste your social link in the address box.

Press OK when finished.

insert social link signature template

Edit the rest of the text fields to match your information.

edit text fields signature template outlook

Now, once your signature is complete and everything looks correct, copy your new personalized signature.

Be sure entire template and text is highlighted.

copy new signature template

Locate the signature icon, select Signatures.

signature in outlook

Select New.

create new signature in outlook

Give the signature a title.

Press OK.

name new signature in outlook

Now paste your new template into the signature box. Select Keep Source Formatting when pasting to keep your signature intact.

paste new signature template in outlook

Now that your signature template is pasted, you may set it as your default signature by selecting the drop down menu below.

Press Save.

Click OK when finished.

set default signature in outlook
Create template signature on Mac

In this guide, we will cover creating a template signature on MacOS desktop.

Go to: Get Signature Templates

Choose Download. (Downloading the templates will allow you to edit the signature template more freely in the Word application on Mac devices).

The file will save as a Word document to your Downloads in Finder.

download signature templates mac

Browse the templates and select one that fits your needs.

Right click the image > Change Picture > From a File.

change picture in signature template mac

Choose your desired photo.

Be sure to have downloaded or saved an image to your desktop for easy uploading.

select image to replace in signature outlook

Now, let's edit the icons to reflect your social links.

Right click social icon > Hyperlink.

edit hyperlink outlook signature mac

Input your social link in the address box.

edit hyperlink outlook signature mac

Optional: Change the shape of your photo.

Select Picture Format > Crop drop-down arrow > Crop to Shape.

crop image to a circular shape mac

Choose the Oval.

select oval shape

Make sure all fields are edited to match your information.

Once finished, copy the entire template signature.

copy signature template from word

Compose a New Email in Outlook > click Signature drop-down arrow > Edit Signatures.

edit signatures in outlook

Tap the (+) sign to add a new signature.

add a new signature in Outlook mac

Paste your signature into the textbox and name your signature.

paste your template signature into textbox outlook mac

Check to make sure everything looks accurate, and make edits if necessary.

Once finished, click Save.

After saving, you may exit this tab.

save your signature in outlook mac

Here you can preview your signature and set it as the default anytime you compose or reply to a message.

  1. Choose the email associated with signature.
  2. Choose signature as default for composing new messages.
  3. Optional: Choose signature as default for replies or forwarding.
set a defualt signature in outlook mac

Additional Resources and Video Tutorial

We hope this helps you create amazing signatures in Outlook. If you would like to request additional information, leave a comment.

Need help with something else? Contact the IT help desk.


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