Creating an Email Signature in Outlook

Email signatures provide legitimacy to any email. They display the professionalism of the sender. It also acts as a digital business card so that a recipient knows the best way to contact you. In our ever-changing landscape, email signatures can also provide a disclaimer when needed.

In Outlook

  1. Click New Email from the Home tab

2.    In the Message tab, click Signature and select Signatures...

3.    Click the New button in the Signatures and Stationery window

4.     Type in a name for the signature and click OK. For Example, “Work Signature.”

5.    Enter your signature in the Edit signature box then click Save.

6.    To set a signature as default, make sure the correct email account is selected in the E-mail account drop-down. Then select the name of the signature that you would like to have for New messages as well as Replies/forwards. Click Save to save your selections.

7.    Click Ok to close the window.


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