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Add a Table of Contents in Panopto

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Whether it's a little mistake, an unnecessary long pause, getting setup, or you simply like to have professional, accessible, high-quality, error-free content, whatever your reason for needing to edit may be, Panopto's built-in video editor can not only fix and polish your content, but also add useful features such as a table of contents, external video clips, captions, presentation slides, and even quizzes.

In this guide we will show you how to use Panopto's video editor to create a table of contents. Let's get started.

Open the Panopto Video Editor

To open the Panopto video editor, all you have to do is find a video you would like to edit, tap the Kebab Menu (three vertical dots), and select Edit.

open the video editor in Panopt

The video editor will open.

Let's take a tour of the video editing page.

  • Video editing features [1] - Add useful features such as TOC, captions, quizzes, and presentations.
  • Tool bar [2] - Save and publish edits, revert edits, undo, redo, view settings and analytics.
  • Player [3] - Play, jump forward or backwards by ten seconds, select a portion of the video to play, change speed, and preview mode.
  • Snippet tool & more [4] - make cuts, quick add, and expand video frames.  
  • Video frame selector [5] - Select a video frame to edit.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry, we will go over what each of these tools do and how to use them. Continue reading to learn more.

navigating video editor in panopto

Create a table of contents

The table of contents is useful for helping viewers navigate the video. The TOC are like time stamps, where viewers can simply select the content and play the video from that point.

Creating a table of contents is easy.

1. In the video editor, select Contents. Then, choose a point in time where you would like to add a timestamp to indicate new content. To select a point, ensure the red line is on the correct time stamp.

matching the red line to timestamp for table of contents

2. To add your content, type the name in the box and press enter. See that they match the timestamps you selected.

viewing table of contents timestamps

Additional Resources

To learn more about all of Panopto's features, visit Panopto's support site.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have additional questions about using Panopto.


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