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How to Navigate the Video Library

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This documentation will go over how to navigate through the features in your Panopto video library.

Top NavigationĀ 

The top navigation includes the search bar and your account information.  Please note: Depending on your level of access, the option to Create and/or Download Panopto may not appear. 

Search Bar: Type any keywords to help you search/filter through everything you have access to within Panopto. It will search through all words spoken in the sessions, shown on the screen, and shown in the slides. If you are within a folder, the search bar will search through that folder. 

Account Information: In the upper right corner, select the icon to access the Help menu,

or select the icon with your initials to access your user settings and sign out.

This navigation bar appears on the left-hand side of your Panopto site. It includes the following sections: 

  • Create: The Create button will appear if you have Creator access to Panopto. Select this button to view the Create menu, where the options for creating Panopto content will appear. Learn more at Learn About the Create Button

  • Home: This is the page that your Panopto site automatically opens when you log in. If selected, you will see a curated selection of videos, including the newest videos on your site in the What's New section and videos shared with you in Shared with Me.

  • Subscriptions: This tab displays any content from creators, folders, and tags you are subscribed to on the Panopto site. To learn more about subscriptions, please visit How to Subscribe to a Video Creator, Folder, or Tag.

  • Shared with Me: The videos that are shared directly with you or your groups.

  • Everything: This tab includes every video that you have permission to access on your Panopto site. If you are logged in and select the Everything tab, you will see a list of publicly available videos on your Panopto site and videos that have been shared with you directly. Note: this tab will be different for each user based on what was directly shared with them. 

Browse: When selected, the Browse menu will appear as a secondary menu. At the top of this menu, there are two tabs: All Folders, which allows you to search for or expand the folder tree of folders available to you, and My Folders, which will display the folders you own or have Creator access to. By selecting a listed folder, it will appear in the content area to the right. Note: If you select the Pin icon in the upper right corner of the Browse menu, it will pin the menu so that it stays open if you click away. 

Content Area

Content area: This area displays your videos and search results. In this window, there are two subsections for sorting your videos and how your videos appear in the content area. If you would like to preview videos in the content area, select Preview Mode, which will add a section to the content area that allows you to preview any video.

Sort by: You can sort your videos by Name, Duration, Date, Location, or Rating.

Content Area Appearance Options: Using the buttons provided, you can select Refresh to update for potential new content, change how videos are listed (explained below in steps 3.3.a. - 3.3.c.), or Filter by date to locate videos published on or between certain dates.

Sorting by Grid View.

Sorting by List View.

Sorting by Folder View.

The Progress Bar: If enabled by your Panopto administrator, video thumbnail images may display a progress bar, which displays your viewing progress for that video. If you select a video that you have not fully watched, it will resume playing where you last stopped watching.

For more information, visit Panopto support.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you have additional questions about using Panopto.


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